Subscriber service of computers

Subscriber service of computers – it is a complex of IT services, allowing you to replace a full-time system administrator or a whole IT department. At the same time, the quality of work will be significantly higher, because. IT services rendered by a whole staff of multidisciplinary specialists.

We will ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. maybe computer service v round the clock.

We will replace your system administrator

We are a team, consisting of highly specialized specialists in various IT areas

Windows System Administrator

Working with Windows servers, organization of an Active Directory domain network, account policy, organizing Windows services.

Linux system administrator

Deploying Linux Servers, customization web servers, support Asterisk, IN THE-repositories based on Linux distributions.

Active Networking Engineer

We prefer to use Mikrotik – organize VPN between offices, set up a backup Internet channel, prevent external network attacks.

Network installation

Local network installer team (SKS), SCS design, purchase of material.

Computer Repair

We repair computers – solder a swollen capacitor or replace a burnt out resistor.

The cost of subscription service for computers

The cost of subscription service for computers depends on the number of PCs, printing devices, active network equipment. We have developed a convenient calculator, where you can independently calculate the cost.