Data recovery from HDD


Data recovery Price (rub.). VAT is not provided.

Diagnostics of a drive of any size

Copying the recovered information


Storing originals for 90 days


Data recovery from HDD without opening HDA

Logical destruction

from 4500 to 6500 p

Destruction of service information

from 3500 to 8500

Failure of the controller

from 3500 to 8500

Unreadable sectors

from 3500 to 8500

Manual translator recovery

from 8500 to 10500

Data recovery from HDD with HDA opening

Replacing the magnetic head unit

from 8500 to 16000

Removing the heads from the surface of the disks

from 8500 to 18000

Cleaning and washing discs from dirt

from 12000 to 36000

Transplanting a disc package into a donor disc

from 12000 to 30000

Minor damage to discs

from 12000 to 24000

Scratches, gash

from 16000

Data recovery from RAID arrays

RAID-0 repositories (Striping)

from 5500

RAID-1 storage (“Mirrors”)

from 4500

RAID-5 storage

from 7500 per disk

RAID-6 storage

from 12000 per disk

hybrid RAID arrays (5-0, 6-0 etc.)

from 10000 per disk

Recovering data from flash drives (USB flash drive, CF, SD, etc.)

Breaking partitions, logic, rewriting

from 3500 to 6500

Failure of the controller, scattering

from 4500 to 9000

SSD translator recovery

from 18000

Additional complications of work

Long reading (over 96 hours)

+100% cost

Storage device 1.8 inches or less

+50% cost

Sparse file systems (MaxOS, Ext3, etc.)

+50% cost

Acceleration of work execution (if possible)

+100% cost