Cleaning computers from dust and replacing thermal paste

This service includes cleaning computer equipment from dust with a high pressure compressor on which a moisture filter is installed and replacement of thermal paste.

How computers are cleaned?

  • disconnect the PC from the network, turn off peripheral equipment (if there are any peculiarities in connection, then we photograph the wires)
  • open one of the PC case covers
  • if you manage to take the system unit out into the street, then we will immediately think it over with a compressor on the street
  • if we clean the room, then remove the main dust with a vacuum cleaner, then blow through with a compressor
  • remove the processor, remove the old thermal paste and apply a new one
  • think over the power supply
  • assembling the system unit, wipe the outside with a cleaning liquid
  • we install the PC on the workplace
  • turn on and check the performance of the PC

Computer cleaning costs

300 rub. – regular PC

400 rub. – server

Minimum order price 3000 rub.