IT outsourcing in Rostov-on-Don, computer service

OOO “AitiAero” provides a service IT outsourcing in Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog and Novocherkassk (subscription service of computers). We work with Windows and Linux. Our company strategy – minimization of response time to incidents due to the decentralized location of employees, full automation of processing customer requests, reduction of internal costs due to the lack of offices for clients. We efficient team.

To know cost per IT outsourcing in Rostov-on-Don

What are the advantages of IT outsourcing over a full-time system administrator?

  • The full-time system administrator will get sick and your IT infrastructure has every chance to stop working. We – team. All are interchangeable.
  • One person cannot be a narrow-profile specialist in all profiles. We – engineering team, system administrators, who specialize in different areas of IT. Consequently, our solutions are always more effective and implemented in a shorter time.
  • When using it outsourcing, there is no need to allocate a separate workplace.
  • We pay taxes ourselves. The costs of an IT outsourcing agreement can be included in the costs of your organization.
  • IT outsourcing is economically viable, T. To. often our services are cheaper, than the cost of a full-time system administrator.

Geography of IT outsourcing services

  • IT outsourcing and others IT services OOO “AitiAero” renders in cities:
    • Rostov-on-Don
      • Taganrog
      • Novocherkassk
      • Bataysk (engineers leave Rostov-on-Don, minimum response time 3 o'clock)
  • The dispatch service for receiving applications is geographically located in Rostov-on-Don
  • We have multichannel phones in Rostov-on-Don
  • We provide a free phone in the code 8-800 for receiving calls from other cities of Russia or direct Moscow telephone

IT outsourcing or full-time system administrator?

Many entrepreneurs are interested in the question: what is more beneficial for the company: IT outsourcing services in Rostov or still the maintenance of our own staff of specialists? Compared to a regular system administrator, our company does not limit its responsibility to job descriptions and guarantees the fulfillment of all obligations assigned to it, securing this by the Treaty., the service offered to your attention can significantly reduce the costs of the company for the maintenance of the staff of relevant specialists. IT outsourcing in Rostov-on-Don allows a modern enterprise to concentrate efforts and attention on performing core tasks, at the same time, having established the effective operation of information systems and solving the problem with the lack of highly qualified specialists. Equally important is, what, using IT outsourcing services, you minimize the risk of losing important data. So, ordinary technician, "Draining" the database to interested parties, that is, to your competitors, in most cases goes unpunished. Meanwhile, the fact of data leakage due to the fault of the outsourcing company entails irreparable reputational losses for the latter, as well as huge financial losses.

Who needs an IT outsourcing service?

IT outsourcing is necessary for both large companies, and organizations of medium, as well as small businesses. In the first case, customers are guaranteed timely and high-quality service at the highest level using the latest methods and technologies.. For small and medium-sized companies, then it is important to note significant savings here, as well as the ability to focus on performing core functions, what is important for successful business development.

How we provide IT outsourcing service

You have a contract with us for the subscription service of computers and an incident has arisen ...

  • You can write to us by e-mail (an application will be automatically opened in OTRS ITSM)
  • Open an application on your own through the application system with priority indication
  • Call an engineer, who is attached to you
  • Create an application in your application system (relevant for branches)

We fix the incident in the ticket system

  • Regardless of who you reported your problem to - your incident will be added to our claim system

Remote assistance possible

  • If it is possible to help you remotely, then we will immediately start solving the problem

Arrival of the engineer

  • If the problem does not work / there is no way to solve it remotely, then the system administrator is sent to you, which is attached to your organization - he does not have to understand the IT infrastructure of your organization from scratch
  • After successfully solving the problem, we do not need to sign any acts, dr. paper - no need to distract your employees
  • An engineer in his car always carries with him the minimum set of necessary spare parts for PC repair: Power supplies, RAM, coolers, etc.. NS.

We serve computers

  • The first contacts with the customer take place in order to get a complete picture of the customer's IT infrastructure
  • There is a process of transfer of knowledge from the current it-specialists of the customer, if he has them
  • All acquired knowledge is formalized and entered into a special knowledge base
  • We always keep the customer knowledge base up to date
  • After a complete understanding of the IT infrastructure and the customer's needs, we are trying to understand which of our engineers will be able to most effectively solve the customer's problems.
  • We try to structure the work in this way, so that interaction with the client takes place through one engineer responsible for this organization
  • At the first contacts with the client, we conduct research and eliminate deficiencies at key points of the organization. Usually this: security audit, configuring and checking the creation of backups.
  • If the client allows, then we organize remote access to servers, client's working machines
  • Explaining to employees how to interact with our support team, engineers

Thus, over the years of providing IT outsourcing services, we have developed the most effective model of interaction with the client, the strategy of interaction between our employees.