Software development

It's not a secret to anybody, that among the significant elements of highly efficient business conduct a worthy place is taken by business process automation, as well as the transfer of various kinds of routine manipulations to the "shoulders" of a well-designed individual software. Why individual? It's simple: usually, ready-made solutions are not able to meet the features and requirements of your business.

Our company is ready develop software for your business, taking into account all its features. Our benchmarks are qualified personnel, new technologies and mutually beneficial cooperation with each client.

We are a team of software developers with extensive experience. We know how to competently automate the business processes of organizations.

Choose us for software development

  • We do not work without terms of reference
  • Technical task – 70% the success of the project
  • We allow you to change the technical specification in the course of work
  • We will allow you to change the software requirements, if in the development process new circumstances come to light
  • We will make changes for free, if they do not affect an already developed piece of software
  • We develop Linux and Windows software

Transparency of software development progress

While developing software, we will always keep you informed of all events. We will send you intermediate versions, organize demonstrations of completed work. You can independently monitor the progress of work through the version control system (we use git).

Correction of errors in the program code

We guarantee, that we undertake to correct the errors found in the software developed by us indefinitely.

We demonstrate the developed software

We value our time and the time of our clients. We mainly demonstrate the developed software remotely using remote access systems (For example, Ammy Admin). But we will definitely meet with the customer., when you really need it.

Individual approach

Any business is unique in nature, therefore requires an individual approach. Before starting work, we study your business processes in detail. We strive for a complete understanding of all processes of your business. If we act according to your TK, it is still desirable to “dive” into your business, because. more optimal proposals for implementation may arise.

Compliance with the agreed terms of software development

In our time of high speeds, any delay is an impermissible luxury.. We always call a reasonable time frame for high-quality work performance.

Program development price

We cannot afford to work for little money, but nevertheless we managed to optimize all kinds of costs to a minimum, what affects the workflow.

Design and user-friendly interface

When developing a software product, we pay special attention to simplicity and ease of use and compliance with already accepted standards. (branding, color solutions, geometric shapes, etc.. d.).

We prefer to use free software when software development, which does not entail additional costs for you when implementing software.


Technology used in software development.