FMC (unification of mobile and PBX)

FMC – service from mobile operators, which allows you to combine mobile communications and PBX (hardware or software). Mobile phones get short numbers. There is an opportunity to call a short number from an office phone and vice versa. The peculiarity is, that it becomes possible to send outgoing voice traffic from mobile phones through an office PBX, Consequently, keep statistics of outgoing calls, record conversations and more. Mobile phones are becoming part of office telephony.

FMC use cases

Incoming line and phone number identification

Let's admit, that a call from a client came to one of the external telephone lines at the PBX (VoIP line or regular city line) and we needed to forward the call to the employee's mobile phone. When making an outgoing call, we can set the required CallerID, thus, we can transfer to the employee calling customer number and number telephone line, to which the call came. Thus, the employee will know in advance on which external line the call came and will see the client's phone number (not the phone number of the VoIP gateway).

In this example, the FMC mobile phone receives calls from different external lines (numbers indicate calls from different lines). For the line 1 prefix “+00”, for the line 2 prefix “+77”. Thus, the employee sees on which line the call came and, based on this, can start a dialogue with the client according to the desired scenario. The customer's phone number is also transmitted. In this case, it is very convenient for the employee to call the client back through the PBX by changing the prefix to * (star).

Outgoing from a mobile phone via PBX, hiding mobile number

If an employee wants to call through a PBX from a mobile number, then before the number you need to dial * (star) and then the phone number, For example *8632960980. Thus, the call will go to the PBX, then through a VoIP operator or a regular telephone line will go to the client. Thus, the client will see the PBX phone number, not the employee's mobile phone number. Also in this case, it is possible to record a conversation and maintain call statistics..

Savings on outgoing calls from mobiles

For instance, we need to make an international call from a mobile phone. We type in the format: *phone number. Call goes to PBX, then routed in the way we want. For outgoing international it is advantageous to use the channels of the VoIP operator. Thus, a call to China from a mobile FMC through your own PBX can cost about 50 cop. in a minute. Call recording and statistics are also available in this case..


Cost of calls within FMC – free.

How to connect

Connected via SIP trunk or E1 digital stream. When connecting via SIP – authorization on the operator's side occurs by the IP address of the IP telephony server.

We implement IP telephony servers based on Asterisk.