Computer rental

We bring to your attention a new service – rent of personal computers with installed software. The service is beneficial, if you do not have funds for the purchase “gland” and software. We currently have for rent 55 computers with installed software. All computers have approximately the same configuration. 4 kernels, 4 GB of RAM and 500 Гб HDD. This configuration is perfect for office needs..

Taking advantage of the rental of computers, we take care of all hardware problems, ie. You do not need to spend extra money on the maintenance of computer equipment. If any of the PC components fail, then we will replace it for free on the next business day.

Rent price 1 computer (system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse, network filter) with software (Windows 7, MS Office) is 1200 RUB / month.

Minimum rental period 3 months. Minimum rental amount – 5 PC.

If you need to install workplaces, then the cost for 1 PC 500 rub.

Unfortunately, the service is temporarily not provided.