Features of the provision of IT services

18856387Experienced IT team

  • Our team is equally well versed in technology Windows so in Linux
  • A number of engineers have various certifications from Microsoft, Cisco etc., which confirms the proper level of knowledge



organiz01We don't have an expensive front office, we are decentralized

  • We do not have to include the cost of renting an office in the cost of servicing our clients
  • We don't sit in one place. Engineers are in different parts Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog and Novocherkassk, which allows us to significantly increase the responsiveness to incidents. In each of the city's districts there are 1-2 duty engineers
  • Traffic conditions have little impact on our incident response times



We carry out hardware repair on our ownhardware repair

  • We have all the necessary equipment and knowledge, to produce hardware repair of computer equipment on their own
  • We have a stock of accessories for PC repair, including all kinds of capacitors, resistors etc.. NS.
  • We can recover information from hard drives. We have at our disposal a special hardware and software complex for information recovery.

We never forget about applicationsOTRS

  • Each call is registered in a special application system SECOND ITSM
  • The head of the customer's organization always receives up-to-date information on IT problems
  • The customer can view the time frame for resolving a particular incident using the application system.

We only sell those solutions, which you need

  • We are not trying to make money on server sales, ON, licenses
  • Our sales team is well versed in the complex licensing policies of Microsoft and other vendors (there are corresponding certificates from Microsoft)

Server solutions

Subcontracting, interaction with your IT specialists at the head office

  • Most of our clients – these are branches of federal organizations, where there is a staff of IT specialists in the central office
  • We are used to and know how to work under the command of other IT professionals
  • Through the use IP telephony it costs us almost nothing to call another city, to chat with your IT service
  • In special cases, it is possible to provide a direct city phone number in the city, where are your IT Professionals. This is necessary to save costs on telephone calls.

We do not use subcontractors for IT services

  • We, unlike most federal IT companies, we do not use subcontractors to serve our clients in different cities
  • In Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Novocherkassk, Our employees work in Krasnodar