IT outsourcing services Rostov-on-don

ITAero LLC provides IT outsourcing services Rostov-on-don, Taganrog and Novocherkassk, Moscow. We work with Windows and Linux. The strategy of our company is to minimize the response time to incidents due to the decentralized location of employees, full automation of processing applications from customers, reducing internal costs due to the lack of offices for customers. We are an effective team.

How we provide it-outsourcing services?

  • You have concluded a contract with us for subscription service of computers and there was an incident…
  • You can write to us by e-mail (the application will be automatically opened in OTRS ITSM)
  • Open an application on your own through the system of applications with priority indication
  • Call the engineer who is attached to You
  • To create an application in Your system applications (useful for affiliates)
  • We fix the incident in the system of applications
  • No matter who you tell about your problem – your incident will be placed in our application system
  • Remote assistance is possible
  • If it is possible to help you remotely, we immediately begin to solve the problem
  • Arrival of engineer
  • If the problem can not / can not be solved remotely, then the system administrator is sent to you, who is attached to Your organization — he does not have to understand the it infrastructure of Your organization from scratch
  • After the successful solution of the problem, we do not need to sign any acts, other papers — there is no need to distract your employees
  • An engineer in his car always carries with him a minimum set of necessary spare parts for PC repair: power supplies, RAM, coolers, etc.

We serve computers

  • The first contacts with the customer take place in order to get a complete picture of the customer’s it infrastructure
  • There is a process of knowledge transfer from the current it specialists of the customer, if he has them
  • All obtained knowledge is formalized and entered into a special knowledge base
  • The knowledge base about the client is always kept up to date
  • After a full understanding of the it infrastructure and customer needs, we try to understand which of our engineers will be able to solve the customer’s problems most effectively
  • We try to build our work in such a way that the interaction with the client takes place through one engineer responsible for this organization
  • At the first contacts with the client we make research and elimination of shortcomings in key points of the organization. This is usually: security audit, configuring and testing creating a dB backup.
  • If the client allows, then we organize remote access to the servers, working machines of the client
  • We explain to employees how to interact with our support team, engineers

Thus, over the years of providing it outsourcing services, we have developed the most effective model of interaction with the client, the strategy of interaction between our employees.


tel.: +7(863)2960980