Offshore Software Development in Russia

It’s no secret that among the tangible elements of high-performance business rightful place is automation of business processes, as well as the transfer of all sorts of routine manipulation of the “shoulders” of well-developed individual software. Why an individual? It’s simple: as a rule, complete solutions are not able to meet the characteristics and requirements of your business.

Our company design software  for your business, taking to the attention of all its features. Our guidelines – a qualified staff, new technologies and mutually beneficial cooperation with each client.
We are a software development Russian team with extensive experience. We know how to intelligently automate the business processes of organizations.

Why we

  • We do not work without the technical specifications
  • The Terms of Reference – 70% of the success of the project
  • We allow you to change the TOR during work
  • We allow you to change the requirements for the software, if new evidence emerged  in the process of development
  • We will make changes free of charge if they do not affect the already developed part Software

We develop software for Linux and Windows

Transparency of work progress

Leading software development, we will always keep you informed of all developments. We will send you an interim version, organize demonstrations of work performed. You can independently monitor the progress of the works through the version control system (we use Git).

Error Correction

We guarantee that pledge to correct errors found in software developed by us indefinitely. </ P>

Ease of demonstration works

We value our time and the time of our clients. Advantageously demonstrate software developed remotely via remote access systems (e.g., Ammy Admin). But be sure to meet with the customer when it is really needed.

Individual approach

Every business is unique in its nature, therefore, it requires an individual approach. Before starting work, we thoroughly study your business processes. We are committed to a full understanding of all the processes of your business. If you are acting on your TK, it is still desirable to “dive” into your business, as may be more optimal proposals for implementation.

Compliance with agreed terms of the development of the software

Nowadays, high speed any delay – it is a luxury. We always call a reasonable time for the high-quality execution of work.

Pricing Policy

We can not afford to work for little money, but nevertheless we were able to optimize all possible costs to a minimum, which affects the working process.

The design and user-friendly interface

In developing the software pay special attention to the simplicity and ease of application and compliance with the standards adopted (branding, colors, geometric shapes, and so on. D.). We prefer to use the free software at software development, which does not entail additional costs for you in the implementation of software.

We use database:


PostgreSQL – a free object-relational database management system (DBMS).
There are implementations for a variety of UNIX-like platforms, including the AIX, various BSD-system, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris / OpenSolaris, Tru64, QNX, as well as for Microsoft Windows.


MySQL – free relational database management systems. Development and support for MySQL provides Oracle Corporation, acquired the rights to the trademark, together with the absorbed Sun Microsystems, which had previously acquired the Swedish company MySQL AB. The product is distributed under both GNU General Public License, as well as under its own commercial license. In addition, the developers create the functionality of licensed users on request, it is thanks to this request almost in the earliest versions appeared replication mechanism.

Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide.

Firebird (FirebirdSQL) – a compact, cross-platform, free database management system (DBMS) running on Linux, Microsoft Windows and various Unix platforms.
As advantages of Firebird can be noted multi-version architecture that enables parallel processing of operational and analytical queries (which is possible because users do not block readers who write), compactness (the distribution 5Mb), high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers.

We prefer to use the following software development environment:
Qt-development Qt –
a cross-platform software development tools in the programming language C ++. It allows you to start writing with the help of software in most modern operating systems by simply compiling for each OS programs without source code changes. It includes all the basic classes that may be required in the development of software applications, ranging from the GUI elements to classes for networking, databases and XML. Qt is fully object-oriented, easily extensible and supports component programming techniques.

Visual Studio 2012 logo and wordmark.svg

Microsoft Visual Studio – a product line of Microsoft company, including an integrated software development environment and a number of other tools. These products allow you to develop as a console application, and GUI applications, including support for Windows Forms technology, as well as web sites, web applications, web services, both in the home and in a controlled codes for all platforms, supported Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, Xbox, Windows Phone .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.